Liebster Award

I made my blog in August last year and due to Sixth Form was inactive from October-May time. I have since been working hard on my blog and I have had the honour of being nominated for the Liebster Award! I was nominated by ‘from vanity to sanity‘ who blogs all things beauty and lifestyle. She has great posts and deserves more followers so go and check her out, and thank you very much for recognising my blog and for the nomination!


What is this Liebster Award?

The liebster award is an opportunity for bloggers to promote their blogs as well as informing their followers and readers of other bloggers by continuing the nominations further. The rules of the award are:

  • The nominated blogger must acknowledge who has nominated them and share their links
  • Share 11 facts about themselves
  • Answer the 11 questions that they have been asked by who nominated them
  • Nominate 11 more bloggers whose blog they recommend
  • Ask 11 questions for your nominees to answer
  • Let the bloggers know you’ve nominated them

11 Random Facts About Me

  1. I was actually born in Portugal, however I’ve grown up in England
  2. I’m 17 years old and my birthday is on the 23rd April
  3. Because my family are Portuguese, I do speak it – not fluently just yet though
  4. When I was younger I had about 16 pets at the same time – I currently only have 1 dog
  5. I always have my food with either ketchup or sweet chilli
  6. I drink tea with a straw because I’m weird
  7. My family used to run a pub and restaurant
  8. I failed maths GCSE and had to resit this year
  9. My mum is pregnant so I’m going to have a baby sister in November time!
  10. My favourite season is Autumn
  11. I am hoping to get a job in Digital Marketing

Questions I was given

1. What inspired you to start your blog?

Since I was about 12 I have been a fan of Zoella’s blog and YouTube channel, since then, through the years I discovered many more blogs and have always wanted to start my blog. I almost did many times, I’d always tell my friends I was going to but always chickened out, I’m glad I waited though so I’m not too young and going to look back and think oh how embarassing!

2. Who is your favourite beauty icon/celebrity of all time?

Probably Zoella since she’s the first I found and she’s always inspired me! Carli Bybel, Hannah Renee, In The Frow… There is loads more too, maybe I’ll do a blog post on it!

3. In no more than 5 words, what is it that you love about makeup?

Fun to do, confidence boost.

4. How much time do you spend blogging weekly?

Well I used to only post on Fridays, then I stopped blogging for sixth form and now since being back blogging I probably spend 12 hours blogging in terms of photographing, writing and publishing posts, but then I spend a lot of time also on my twitter and replying to comments on here! Plus I read other bloggers posts a lot and like and comment on theirs too!

5. What is your favourite genre of music?

Well I listen to so many different genres to be honest, but I’d say most popularly I listen to the top charts so POP. However, I do like metal bands too (slight difference haha) so I listen to that also.

6. Which makeup product can’t you live without?

COLLECTION LASTING PERFECTION CONCEALER! I’ve mentioned it too much on my blog but it’s my all-time holy grail product.

7. Which person has influenced you the most in your life?

My mum and brother as we’ve always been a close family and supported each other through any tough times in life – plus my brother has taught me most of the geeky knowledge I have.

8. What is your favourite drink?

Fizzy Vimto! But since that’s not available in most shops near me, I’d say Fanta Fruit Twist! I do love a cup of tea too – you can tell I live in England can’t you!

9. How much do you usually spend on your daily makeup routine?

Honestly, most days I just put on concealer and maybe mascara, sometimes none. But when I am making an effort I’ll probably take about 20 minutes depending on what look I am doing and how many products I’m using.

10. Which is your next travel destination?

Well like I mentioned, my family live in Portugal and we visit yearly now so probably there.

11. Which is your favourite book and why?

I’m currently reading The Girl On The Train which is the most recent book I’ve read, and although I still have quite a lot left – I’d say that book since I’m enjoying it so far.

My Nominations

• The Mood Of Makeup

• Siyana Online

• Simple Serenity

• Tales From The Thrift Shop

• Fashionanita

• Coffee and Coats

• Dreaming Of Pink

• Keri Elaine

• Pretty Pink Piglet

• Cincy Couture

• Kittyp0p

My Questions

1. What do you think is the best and worst thing about being a blogger?

2. Other than blogging, what takes up most of your spare time?

3. If you had to get rid of one of the following, which one would it be – eyeliner, concealer, eyebrow products, lipstick.

4. What/who is your biggest inspiration for blogging.

5. Do you blog full-time? If not, what is your occupation?

6. What is your favourite food?

7. What is your favourite clothing store?

8. What is on the top of your bucket-list?

9. If you had £100 to spend in any but only one makeup/clothing store, where would it be?

10. If you could use 1-3 words to describe your fashion style, what would it be?

11. What is the biggest lesson blogging has taught you?


Hope you enjoyed this post and I hope those who I nominated enjoy answering my questions!

xo Ana


18 thoughts on “Liebster Award

  1. Congratulations lovely and thank you for nominating me. When I just started with my blog I was also really inactive, didn’t pay any attention, but now I spend so much time doing things for it and reading other posts. xx

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Congratualtions lovely . and thankyou so much for the nomination it means a lot I cannot wait to write a blog post !!! and it is great to feel that I know you a lot better now and we have similarities .. can I just say you aren’t weird for drinking tea with a straw because I do the exact same!! plus weird is cool 🙂 thank you so so much Ana! x x x x

    Liked by 1 person

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